Our Story

Our Story


 - Tanja and Ron Moree - 

 ​In the summer of 2013, we purchased a retirement home on Smith Lake in Arley, AL. While we enjoyed spending time on the lake with our family, we found there were many needs associated with owning a home that isn’t occupied year-round. Emergency maintenance, broken pipes, dysfunctional alarm monitoring and appliance breakdowns were just a few experiences we had while away from our home. When nobody was around, repairs were very difficult to schedule. This experience inspired the conceptualization of Beck and Call Home Tending Service. 

Mission Statement


 ​​​- Beck and Call -

The mission of Beck and Call Home Tending Service is to provide peace of mind to owners who are away from their secondary home for extended periods of time. These homeowners will be in immediate contact with the service provider so they can remain worry free and confident that their home is being tended from a close distance on a weekly basis.


 It is our desire to minimize the frustration and hassle that comes with owning a seasonal home. Our first-hand experience has informed our decision to help vacationers better enjoy their properties by giving them the ability to relax during the off-season. We will provide service on a weekly basis to unoccupied locations. We will visit each site to fulfill a written review that will be emailed to each owner. We will also meet with any vendors to make necessary repairs, deliveries or consultations.  We can assist with your house sitting needs. .